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    Default IDC round 1 2018 aftermath

    I didn't make it up there myself. Heard lots of positives and a few negatives about the event. Looked great on the live stream although it's too much of a trek for me from cork given how little time i have these days.

    I heard some people give out about the lack of practice time because of the rallycross events. Apparently they were even cut short on the friday. I watched the rallycross on the live stream and it was pretty good. I think it's great to see two irish motorsports work together like that.

    The crowd i saw on the livestream at the end of qualifying on sunday was bigger than some crowds i've seen at japfest! A couple of rows deep right around mobil1/honda/link engine management corner. The crowd in the grand stand seemed into it too, which was good.

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    Good to hear. Didn't make it myself as I was out of the country. 1st round is always a good one as you've fresh builds to go look at. I haven't been at a drift event in over a year, I guess jz swapped 's bodies arnt enough to grab my attention anymore

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