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    Default Best way to start ??cars

    Im thinkin about having a go at drifting i no its not as easy as it looks
    Just wonderin wat be best way to go about it
    Buy a cheap rwd road car an add bits
    or just start saving buy half decent drift car wit all bits on it maybe turn boost down save on blowing it up or wat would yous recommend

    Ive raced mondello for years on two wheels so use to speed an have an idea on where to be Goin

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    get a basic car. something rough and ready would be fine. Don't concentrate on competition until you can drift. Do track days. Get a 180sx or an s14. plenty of power to keep you happy and plenty scope to upgrade. Keep the boost at a normal level and you'll still have plenty to learn with.

    I bought a drift car without any previous experience, just a love of cars. my first rwd was my first track car. i had never even done a donut or been in a car doing a donut. I had just had 1 passenger ride in a drift car and was hooked.

    I wouldn't bother with a road car for learning. you'd only be minding it on track.



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