As above. Breaking my fd rx7. Car is pretty much stripped at the moment with the shell still rolling. Everything available. Quick list

95 spec shell in pt white (needs paint) rolling on ohlins coilovers and Irish log book 1000 (can be sold with or without panels or non rolling)

red leather interior, front and rear seats (rear has a small tear), red carpet and rear interior panels 400

complete engine but is stripped, provisionally sold

Mishimoto radiator 200

good 5 speed gearbox 300

16bit power fc sold

mazdaspeed rear spoiler 200

bn sports front bumper 200

Brand new apexi avc-r 300

Drivers side wing sold

rear bumper 150

Passenger wheel arch liner 30

brand new set of work emotion d9r's in gt silver, fronts 18x9.5 et38 rears 18x10.5 et30 1300

bride zeta 3 glitter back with rear cover 450

Bride passengers base mount rail, brand new 120

good set of twin turbos 150

standard mirrors 50 each

doors 100 each

bonnet 100

mint dash 200

gauge cluster 150

All trims, panels, suspension, hubs and brakes all there

basically everything. Contact me if your looking for something specific or if you want pics of any items for