May be of no interest here but i said id throw up my van if anyone knows anyone that would be interested as its a cheap project.

Its located in the UK around 40 minutes south of birmingham.


Right I'm just about to put it up for sale/break it if any of you lads want a project or bits.

REASON FOR SALE: being 6"8 I don't fit in the bastard thing so I bought an estate 😁👍

Mk6 Escort Van with full mk5 rs2000 running gear, front end, interior, dash, clocks.

As it sits currently it has the Mk6 front end but with the MK5 RS2000 bumper
fitted. the chin spoiler comes with it and is in the back as it needs a repair to the

The van is fully running and just needs a good going over and putting through

Mk6 Escort Van
Mk5 RS2000 Engine & gearbox
Runs absolutely mint and sounds mega
Superchips Ecu Map/Chip
Full 2.5" Janspeed exhaust system
CDA Air Intake
RS2000 Front bucket seats
RS2000 Steering Wheel
RS2000 Dash & Clocks
RS2000 Front bumper & Splitter
RS2000 Lights and Indicators(not fitted)
RS2000 Front brakes & discs (Not Fitted) fitted
17" BK Racing alloys with 80% Tyres
New Sill Last Year

Bad bits:
No Mot
Rear window panel needs changing(small hole).
the door itself is mint, just the window panel has rust.
Body needs painting
Needs trim tidying etc
Interior heater controls and vents need fitting(come with the car)

Extras coming with the van:
Brand new tie rods and lower arm
Spare RS2000 Loom
Rs2000 Rear Brakes
RS2000 Front Brakes
RS2000 Front bumper
RS2000 Chin Spolier
RS2000 Headlights
RS2000 Indicators

All in all its a solid van that needs work but the conversion is complete and running
so the hard work is done. Worth alot more in parts but i need the space!