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    Default 2016 ni drift AMA series

    registration for the 2016 series is now open

    Please note that For the 2016 season there will be a 340bhp limit and a 225 wide tyre restriction (no grip tyres)
    These restrictions are being implemented to help keep the amateur series at an amateur level

    To register follow link

    *******2016 regs*********

    Putting these out now to give as much time as possible to get cars

    AMA registration will be out in the next few days ill post the link on here
    once registered will be added to 2016 drivers page for all further info on
    2016 season

    SPEC LIST/scrutiny check for AMA 2016

    Car Restrictions:
    no car may exceed 340 bhp at the wheels
    (series average is 200bhp as is)

    no soft top convertible cars

    Tyre restrictions
    no tyre above the width of 225 can be used in competition
    (the 225 restriction is temporary and will be subject to review after round 3, may be reduced to 215)
    no competition/grip tyres permitted (min thread ware 180)

    These restrictions are in place in the intrest of keeping the series at an amateur level

    Please ensure you do not have an excessively loud exhaust
    more noise is NOT more power its actually less
    if your car is deemed too loud you will not be permitted on track

    do not expect a lot of pictures of your car to come out after the event if it is not in good condition. photographers want their pics to look good so will drop pics that don't make their photos look good. Its always part of the media briefing that we ask photographers to put up pics of all cars, rarely happens though
    cars don't need to be mint but always try keep bumpers on and panels the same colour even if painted with an aerosol tin it will look good in a pic.

    2.Cars must have a FIXED back bucket seat
    if you want to take passengers they must also have a fixed back
    bucket seat
    loose /poorly fitted or RECLINERS will NOT be accepted

    3.- Each car must have a minimum of a 4 POINT harnesses or better
    if you want to take passengers they must also have same
    the anchors of the harnesses must be securely attached to the body of the car

    4-Each car must have a 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher
    secured but easily accessible in an emergency

    5.- Cars must have ALL wheel nuts fitted

    6.-All braking components must be in perfect working order
    including having working brake lights
    original taillight or attached inside rear windscreen

    7.- Windows
    BROKEN or BADLY CRACKED windscreens will fail scrutiny
    please keep the top of the windscreen free for a drift series sunstrip

    Driver and passenger windows must be kept closed/max 1/4 open during any time spent on track. no hands out the windows!!! if you want to be able to have your window open fully whilst out on track a window net must be fitted

    8. All drivers must wear
    a. RACE SUIT
    ,Racing gloves
    Racing Boots
    which are in good ,clean condition and free from any rips or tears

    A clean helmet in good condition with a scratch free visor (if fitted)
    there must be no cracks or any form of damage to the helmet
    the chin strap of the helmet operational and attached at all times on track

    9 battery must be secure with terminals in good condition and tight

    10 Any car with a fuel tank inside the driver compartment will be refused entry

    after market fuel tanks/cells must be behind a firewall
    (in the boot or under the car )

    11. wiring must be tidy and secure away from any exhaust or moving components of the car

    12 bonnets and boot lids must be securely fastened. A minimum of 2 bonnet pins must be fitted and the standard factory latch disabled/removed. This is because should a fire break out under the bonnet we need to get it open as quickly as possible and a jammed bonnet lock could mean your car being burnt out

    metal towing eyes sticking out front or rear are strictly prohibited
    This is due to the fact they act as a tin opener when they come into contact with a door of another car
    towing straps are the recommended option front and rear

    14 Cars with fluid leaks of any type will not be permitted on track . Any car found to have a fuel leak,or over filled with fuel will not be permitted
    on track until it is sufficiently repaired

    15. all entry fees must be paid in advance for 2016
    payments can be taken via paypal or with a bankcard through the secure
    payment option now available on our website, (the link will be posted)
    if we are are given prior notice that you cannot make it on the day having already paid your entry fee it can be returned or used for the next round of the series.
    To help me to keep the days running smoothly and be prepared for the day there will be a cut off date for entries this will be 7 days prior to the event
    It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that your entry fee is paid on time.

    Any car that is presented at scrutiny with a roll cage fitted , must have it fitted to the standard and spec of the NI Drift Series/idc/bdc spec
    any car with a poorly fitted/designed/welded roll cage will not be allowed on track
    roll cages are HIGHLY recommended by the
    Ni Drift AMA Series
    for your safety

    17. As the AMA series is a stepping stone for everyone into pro level drifting, We expect you to conduct yourself in a manner that shows you are part of a competitive drift series.
    As with last year am sure everyone knows we enjoy the craic as much as you do, but there are a few things we will strictly not tolerate in 2016
    . when leaving the track :

    A rolling burn outs leaving the track

    B breaching the 5mph speed limit between track and pits

    C. diffing or burnouts in the pits or near any spectators

    D. any form of 'testing' outside of the designated track area

    if you do any of the above you will be instantly dismissed from the rest of the SERIES.
    99.9% of those who attend the drift series should have no problem with the above but we will make an example of someone don't let it be you.

    Don't get overly worried about scrutiny as we will advise and guide you
    as best we can
    our main concern is that your car is safe for you to be in

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    Fair play lads!! Some good changes

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    tempting to enter this myself. great idea into beginner leavel competition. gets alot of gud publicity aswell. what month does the 2016 season start???

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    Are grip tyres aloud on the front wheels or is it an outright ban

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    No we allow front tyres to be anything would recommend a good road tyre on the front
    Rd 1 will be 27th of march but we will be having a practice day last sunday of January and last sunday of February on a competition layout to give guys coming into the series a chance to get to grips with learning a set line and getting clipping points and the opportunity to practice some basic battling just to get a bit of experience
    The practice days have a few pro level drivers there who sit in with new guys just to try and get rid of and help prevent bad driving habits and give some pointers to help



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