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    Default Mondello Drift Day 22nd June Full Day

    We have our second mondello drift day running on 22nd of June.

    Link to Facebook Group

    A quick brief of the day and what its all about, This day is limited to just 35 cars!! The price of entry is 175 which is only 30 or so more than the usual days that are all about as many drivers as can be crammed in. We will have two groups Pro/Semi Pro & AMA/Beginners. ALL CARS MUST BE CAGED. Anyone losing the run of themselves in the pits/paddock doing rings etc will be asked to leave immediately. If you go off track DO NOT TEAR UP THE GRASS THIS IS MONDELLO's BIGGEST STICKING POINT ON DRIFT DAYS.

    As it stands we will be running the track in reverse BUT Mondello reserve the right to change it at any point, after some of the previous drift days they genuinely do not want drifting in the place anymore and are being quite awkward about what they want and dont want.

    These days are purely aimed at drivers rather than making money, you WILL need a lot of tyres as the track time will be ridiculous for everyone attending.

    We want to keep the level of cars up at these days and there will be no uncaged wreckers cars allowed under any circumstances.

    Track/Event Rules & Regulations
    Rules & Regulations
    Track Rules
    All drivers must hold a full Irish license and produce it on the day to Mondello Park.
    Helmets are a must for all of our drift days.
    All people taking part must respect the track and grounds at Mondello Park, if your car spins out into the grass you MUST NOT tear up the grass trying to get out, if your car is stuck wait in your car until someone comes to tow you out!!
    Never exit your car onto a live track, even to inspect damage you may have done to your car, again if its that bad that you can't continue, wait in your car until someone comes to assist you. (Obvious exceptions to the rule being fire)
    All litter must be disposed of properly and not left around the paddock area.
    All old tyres/broken bumpers etc are to be brought home by yourself and disposed of properly, do not leave old tyres behind you.
    You are not to abuse or talk back to any marshals on the day, these are provided by Mondello for the day and should be treated with respect..Without these people these days could not go ahead, there decision is final!
    No double driving will be allowed at these events.
    Each driver shall be allowed 1 person to attend with them.
    There will be NOBODY allowed on the pit wall.

    Vehicle Specification
    All cars must be presentable and be rear wheel drive.
    All cars must be fitted with a roll cage.
    All cars must have a fixed bucket seat which is properly secured (Two fixed bucket seats if you have passanger)
    All cars must have a minimum of a 4 point harness securely fitted (Two if you have passanger)
    Handheld fire extinguishers are preferred.
    All cars must have their brake lights working properly and visible.
    Fuel filler caps/fuel tanks must be securely fastened during the event.
    All batteries must be securely fastened, if fitted inside the car's cockpit they must be in a sealed box.
    If fuel cells are fitted inside your cockpit/boot, proper fire walls should be in place.
    No fuel/oil leaks of any kind will be permitted.
    Brakes must be in perfect working order.
    All wheel studs must be present and properly tightened.
    Exhaust/noise levels must not be too severe (N/A cars must have silencer fitted).

    Vehicle Inspection
    On the day event, all cars must undergo and pass a vehicle inspection on the morning to insure the safety of all drivers.
    In the event of a vehicle failing the inspection, drivers will be given 15 minutes to try and get the car up to the desired regulations.
    In the event of a heavy collision, the car must again undergo an inspection to confirm the worthiness to continue the day.

    For our next outing we have a full day where we will be running Mondello backwards, this is a great chance for people to get quality track time 2 weeks ahead of Global Warfare.
    With running Mondello backwards, your taking in both the normal IDC layout and the Global Warfare layout in one run.
    After the way the track was respected yesterday by all drivers, Mondello again have agreed to pull back the tyre bales from the track, to allow people the chance to run correct lines in order to get that all important practice for remaining Mondello rounds of IDC.
    As these days are not about making money and more about the drivers, we will be putting up poles on the main group page giving drivers options on how many cars will be there on the day and what way the day will be ran as in open pit or grid.
    As with our rules & regulation clearly shown in the group, there is no double driving, all cars must be fitted with a roll cage, fixed bucket seat & harness (read full rules & regulations document on pinned post in group, there is no exceptions on these). Each driver will be allowed to bring ONE person with them on the day, no other spectators are allowed and nobody is permitted on the pit wall!!!

    Briefing & Scrutiny
    On the next day there is a safety briefing at 9.00am sharp with cars on the track for 9.30am, there will be a lunch break from 1.00-2.00pm with the day finishing up at 5.30pm.
    Every car will be put through scrutiny before being allowed on track, be sure your seats/harnesses are securely fixed, kill switch (if fitted) works properly, no leaks, brake lights in working order, all wheel studs present and batteries/battery leads securely fastened. Any car that fails scrutiny will be given one chance to repair the flaw and go through scrutiny again, if your car is involved in an accident you must go through scrutiny again to see if you can continue.

    Tyre Changing & Removal of used tyres
    There will be unlimited tyre changing service provided on the day by Derreen Tyres, please remember your old tyres are to be brought home with you and not left around the paddock area, anyone failing to do so will not be welcome at anymore events.

    Drop me a pm for payment details.


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    This is shaping up to be awesome. No doubt this day will have more comp spec cars than any in years!!!



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