You must follow these simple rules when posting in this section;

100 post minimum before posting in trade sections*

*The reason behind this is to promote the Trading sections as benefits to long-standing members who have had a valuable input into the site, i.e. not spamming or being a tard.


1. Please do not post in the Parts for Sale / Wanted Section unless you are interested in,
or have information which may be of interest to prospective buyers, about the parts which you
are posting about.

2. All threads must include obvious information;
- Price,
- Condition,
- Sizes
- Location if not specified in your profile
- etc etc.

3. Uninformative and unhelpful comments will be deleted.

4. Post pictures where possible.

5. Any thread deemed to be posted by another member who satisfies the criteria for starting new threads, for someone
who doesn't, will be deleted.

6. Any thread without sufficient information may be deleted or closed without prior warning

7. Any person deemed to be using purely for the purpose of the Trading Sections will have their posts
deleted and may have their trading rights removed

Any attempt to post For Sale/Wanted threads in any other part of the forum will result in the thread being altered,
removed and may mean an infraction for the member