Having a bit of a pain with this recently....No pictures of this yet.

Got the car back from the auto electrician and less than 24 hours the headlights stopped popping up, cigarette lighter stopped working, auto lockin not working and cigarette lighter stopped working.

Was sickened having to drop the car back again after I spent so much. But I got it back a few days later and all good again!

Started the car in the garage a day later, closed the door, went to open garage doors, came back to get in the car......FUCK! Forgot about the new auto locking with the new alarm/immob and central locking. I only have one key and as I just got it back the spare fob was in the car.

Tried prickin about with a hanger, then heard the electric fans cutting in as the car was getting too hot so had to man up and smashed the passenger side window to get in and turn it off. Was absolutely sickened having to break into my own car ha ha

Anyway bought a brand new 40mm core Alloy Rad, I.L. Motorsports, from mx5parts, and a new window fitted last weekend and car is running perfect now, or so I thought!

Went for a quick spin and the headlights stopped popping up on the stalk. So back in the garage again waiting to go back to the auto electrician again!