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  1. Mannixs beams powqered '86

    Quote Originally Posted by NoelB View Post
    Damn that's cool! Best of luck with it. 200bhp of n/a rawness sounds good ta me!
    Cheers, she does the job nicely.
  2. Wag thread (Possibly the most NSFW thread in the world)

    Quote Originally Posted by ali-d1936 View Post
    Ya paul shower n toilet snaps would just bring this to a new low :P
    I get these all the time too..or else his poo face..
  3. 180sx Kouki or 50/50 rear Lights Wanted

    Quote Originally Posted by PepperS13 View Post
    As Above

    180sx Kouki or 50/50 rear Lights Wanted

    can swap p/x my Besiege rear Lights!!

    PM or 0877430160 Thanks

    You can get 50/50 s brand new for 200 off epracing if that's any good to you
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