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  1. The road streeto 180

    Quote Originally Posted by LarZ View Post
    Just re-read this whole thread for the first time in about 3 years. love it! So great to see my car's history documented.
    Looks so good on the oem wheels at the moment must update mine now
  2. e36 convertible v8 goodness

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    Fucking awesome.
    Cheers man appreciate that.
    Everyone loves pictures ( even poor quality)

  3. Aristo - JZS161 - V300 - Vertex Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Gitzer View Post
    Have you got any more pictures of the car and interior?

    Can pm you my number if it makes it easier for you.
    Deposit taken- expected sold
  4. 32 skyline

    Quote Originally Posted by thetangerine View Post
    Looks very well,even in the primer fair play,some work, respect.I love R32's nd great to see1 being looked after right. But since she is goin for paint would ya not think of blending the bonnet vent a bit.No disrespect intended unless tis the look ya wanted
    Ahh there is still a last peace to add to the puzzle yet it will all make sense soon
  5. 180sx/ps13 fiberglass doors

    Quote Originally Posted by thehatchet View Post
    I've no doors so fibreglass is worth it for the price I'm paying ha
    I've a grand pair of doors for you there dude too clean for a drift car though
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