View Full Version : Not so merry go round

Flat Eric
20-05-10, 00:02
Best use of a moped I've seen in a while


Famous jh
20-05-10, 00:15
Hahaha he got properly launched there :D

20-05-10, 00:20
Hahahahaha holy fuck tat looked cool

Tekno Twinky
20-05-10, 00:22
waow...i really like that hym?

Mick K
20-05-10, 00:26
I can see Eric and Amy down the playground tomorrow and Fuzzy with the Zoomer on its side eh:D

20-05-10, 18:41
Fook that was funny, bastid nearly dropped the laptop laughin:eek::p

20-05-10, 18:46
bloody hell dats leathal lol:D

20-05-10, 18:48
Excellent!!!! hahaha i dont personally know the man but i just get the feeling he deserved it :cool:

20-05-10, 18:52
one less foreign yoke to be on the dole:p:p:p

Alan B.
20-05-10, 19:18
survival of the fitest on display for all to see.