View Full Version : Where can stich this??

23-04-10, 15:33
got this seat for the s14 the other day but want to get the holes stiched up before puting it in the car. just wondering where or who can stich it up as im crap with a needle:D

pics of the holes



23-04-10, 15:49
my mom but you'll have to drop it to the house lol

10-06-10, 08:51
bump this up its goin in the silvia this weekend so wana get it fixed. anyone no of what place could stich it for me??

10-06-10, 08:53
bring it somewhere that retrim interior an the like??

Fredericks Balls
10-06-10, 08:55
Have you tried one of those shops that does alterations? Worth a shot!

10-06-10, 09:04
my mate retrims seats he done me recaro he could do it. but in dublin... they going into your local furniture shop and ask in there they will tell you who they use to fix holes in couches

10-06-10, 10:27
i might try the shop in town that stitches clothes and stuff. i could prob try it myself but would more than likely turn out shit.