View Full Version : SR20DET - JDM std + mod

serious tom
26-06-09, 01:35
best motoring,
silly ride hight,

anyone else love the kei-office s14?
that other s14 is subtle yet soo sexy, i want it!!!!

Tekno Twinky
26-06-09, 02:35
yikes! Id say i was about 7!

serious tom
26-06-09, 14:21
yea, sure an ae86 is older than a few of us :p
and s-bodies aint getting younger either :p

26-06-09, 15:51
love these gran turismo style races

way prefer watching these cars racing then proper race cars

26-06-09, 16:18
Yeh theres sum gud races like this on youtube!! S14 ftwmf's:D

26-06-09, 18:18
oh my god, the state of the bee racing s13! hahaha, the wing on it!