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Amy G
22-04-15, 16:00
Hey guys and gals,

So lots of questions as to what its all about. We have lots in store for Clubloose drivers!!!
This is 100% by drivers and for the drivers, Eric and I both want to make Clubloose events as awesome as possible for each and every driver.

We plan to bring back the fun and camaraderie to drifting, Clubloose IRL will be a community for all levels of drivers to drift with people of similar ability. We will running a 3 group format on the day (A,B,C), also will have pro advice/tuiton, pro drivers, small comp prizes and much more.

Entries are still open online, we will be closing entries next week, we understand that IDC is this weekend, but with no drift event at all happening in May we want everyone to have the opportunity to drift this custom track if they cannot make the first round of IDC.
So get signing up everyone!!! Eric will be at IDC Mondello this Saturday to answer any questions and of course to watch the semi pros shred up the track.

See rulebook here > http://www.clubloose.com/clubloose/index.php/the-rules

Amy G
22-04-15, 16:02
Here is some group info below >
A Group -
For advanced level drivers, must hold or have held an IDC Pro license / competed in the Pro ranks and be comfortable with tandem drifting. Must have all the necessary safety equipment required for drifting at that level ( race suit, gloves, proper roll cage etc ). Tandem and multi car drifting / team drifting is allowed in A group so you should be working on running closer with the other drivers on the fastest line through the course.
B Group -
For intermediate level drivers, capable of drifting the course in single runs but need to improve their tandem drifting skills. Must have held an IDC semi pro / rookie license or have some track drifting experience and possess all the necessary safety equipment to compete / drive at that level ( race suit, gloves, proper cage etc ). Single runs and two car tandem drifting allowed in B group so you should be working on running a consistent line, chasing a lead car or drifting under pressure from a chase car .
C Group -
For beginners who have minimal or no experience drifting. Minimal safety equipment required, road cars may be used once the mandatory fire extinguisher is present. Single car runs only on a modified track layout to keep the speed down and give the drivers as many laps as possible. The more experienced drivers will be available to assist beginner drivers and give tips and advice if requested . More experienced drivers may also run with C group if they have an appropriate road car / lack the safety equipment in what ever car they have. They will be expected to rip on track and set a good example for the beginners or face ridicule .
We are well aware and very proud of the high standard of drifting here in Ireland and know that many semi pro competitors are in fact pro level drivers. These groups are a starting point for all of us and we will work with you guys to make sure your driving with the correct group based on your talent wether you hold a competition license or not. We also want to keep equal numbers in all groups so that everyone gets as much track time as possible and will consider this when assigning drivers to the groups.

Tandem will only be allowed for those who have door bars on roll cage, and obviously who are capable

Any questions guys, do not hesitate to ask....

Amy x :)