View Full Version : roll cages and nct

20-11-14, 23:40
does the cage have to be full bolt in? mines welded at the back should i break the weld and put in a plate then bolt it in??

22-11-14, 10:03
As long as access to the car isn't obstructed, you should be fine. i.e; you can't have door bars

22-11-14, 14:13
so it can be welded in?

22-11-14, 18:55
I dont think so, as far as i know only bolt in ones pass, but u might got a nice one who overlooks the welded part?
i would give it a go first before changing it

22-11-14, 19:10
Depends on the lad testing it now

22-11-14, 21:17
There's no reason for failure in the manual for it, so you can't be failed for it. Although I was talking to a mate who I used to work with in the Nct, he said they got some new regulations to do with modifications, I know hydros were on it not sure about what else was on it. Think they can defer you to an engineer to get it certified or something, must get onto him again and see exactly what it was.

jeff nelson sileighty
22-11-14, 21:34
I don't get it like how the fuck do rallycars pass ?

22-11-14, 22:15
Gregs chaser passed with an idc spec weld in cage, check his build tread.

28-11-14, 00:44
Yeah at the time of my NCT last year I asked the tester about the bolt-in/weld-in thing, he told me bolt in only and then after consulting with his senior called me back and said that it didn't actually matter. That I was just to make sure it wasn't held in with glue. Just another one of those Irish things- depends who you get.

Was also curious about hydro's in cars, anyone have problems NCTing them?