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09-12-13, 01:19
looking to get a quick release for the car, anyone ever use the driftworks 1 http://www.driftworks.com/driftworks-60mm-race-quick-release-steering-spacer.html seems decent enough and not bad priced but would like to know how good they are. also looking at the nrg gen 2.0 https://www.getnrg.com/products/quick-release-kits/gen-2.0/srk-200bk

so any advice welcome

09-12-13, 07:52
I use NRG one myself. Couldn't fault it. Great piece, no play at all. Would recommend one!

09-12-13, 17:26
Cheers man, we're did u order urs from?

09-12-13, 17:51
Also interested in getting one of these. Got one before off ebay for 50 euro and it was pretty shit imo, it had a bit of play in it which I really did not feel safe with so removed it.
Recommend me one at decent money please!

09-12-13, 19:47
Cheers man, we're did u order urs from?

Smokey bear on here his friend had ordered one or two of them
Bought one off him. 130e but well worth it imo
Ya get what you pay for