View Full Version : Keiichi's retirement trackday!!

13-01-10, 21:47
Seen this on another forum, class video :cool::cool:


skinny d
13-01-10, 22:36
Feck sake , we need a 'jizz' emoticon !! haaha , mintu vid dude !

13-01-10, 23:15
what I would give for one of those Hachi's..... :eek:

13-01-10, 23:43
just finished watching it all..
great video if ya have a spare 40 mins:D

Famous jh
13-01-10, 23:47
Makes mcnsport's "n2 car" seem like a bit of a joke :rolleyes:

Great watch :cool:

serious tom
14-01-10, 00:22
what a watch!
Keiichi you nut!

14-01-10, 00:28
not a man but a ledgend,, well worth the watch

14-01-10, 00:37
Tried to watch it on my PS3, and the thing froze. :( Dying to watch it like.

serious tom
14-01-10, 00:40
can you get it in granturismo?, I think its free.
defo one of the better way to spend 40mins!

14-01-10, 01:24
Sweet vid, they really made a nice day out of that trackday, very entertaining!
Keiichi is a legend!

14-01-10, 01:26
that taisan r32 is a fricken ledgend of a car and as for the nsx:eek:

14-01-10, 09:18
some vid, great watch

14-01-10, 11:46
deadly. didnt watch it all, but deadly all the same! lol at your man stressin out when he came into the pits and needed to take the strut brace off! he must realy know that car well!