View Full Version : How do I go about buying Works Bell products?

10-07-13, 07:49
Do I go to the source or is there sites that sell them? Just afraid of getting kicked in the nuts because of shipping :( Looking for the short boss, lock and the actual snap-off kit itself. Cheers lads.

10-07-13, 09:14
Rhdjapan, postage shouldn't be much as they are small enough. The works bell stuff will be expensive though!

12-07-13, 13:01
True... But Works Bell stuff is pure quality. I don't mind paying a lot for the actual item because it will keep my car safe and won't break.

12-07-13, 17:24
I got my bell short boss, snap off and lock through Jesse streeter, was the same price as Rhd at the time as they had a kinda sale on them, but I was getting a few other bits so went with Jesse.

They are a quality part alright.

04-08-13, 16:32
password:jdm sells works bell products im lookin at them now on it