View Full Version : New VW Drift Team

Alan B.
08-01-10, 01:46
bit of fun making the most of the shitty conditions

08-01-10, 01:57
lets hope they not company vans lol

Alan B.
08-01-10, 01:59
who knows lol.
some well executed slides all the same ha ha

08-01-10, 02:13
bah ha ha!

Famous jh
08-01-10, 02:17
Some proper man handling of them vans there! But is it just me or is the footage speeded up at times :confused:

Alan B.
08-01-10, 02:21
i thought that too but i dont think it is actually. i think it's just the way they are slipping and sliding randomly on the ice making it look like that.

08-01-10, 02:30
its sped up

08-01-10, 18:39
so what if it is still a crackin video some laugh watching it

drift student
08-01-10, 18:44
pity the transporter aint 4motion..

skinny d
08-01-10, 19:19
Brilliant vid !!

Tekno Twinky
08-01-10, 19:24
pity the transporter aint 4motion..


Fwd drifting beats all wheel drive drifting! All wheel drive drifting is for jeremy clarkson!

That vid is well cool!

08-01-10, 20:10
great vid, shows roads arent treacherous,just absolutly perfect for honing your skills in tight spaces,fair play to the lads balls out,think it is sped up a little, maybe shud hav covered their plates lol

08-01-10, 20:20
haha good vid

Alan B.
09-01-10, 12:44
they've made one or two other vids aswell.
i doubt they are too worried about the plates being on show ither :)

andy t
09-01-10, 13:51
i know them boys,

they wouldnt really care if they wrote off them yokes ,ha

09-01-10, 15:08
Would be cool if it was hard but its soo not
i been fully 4th gear driftin my trooper the lent of main road outsid my house all week..
i must record it :D

09-01-10, 15:55
Rofl mad cunts! The Shuttle is coming out tonight!

Alan B.
10-01-10, 04:48
it's cool because it's not hard, it's just having fun and taking the piss.

10-01-10, 14:29
i wonder are they looking for recrutes im a dab hand on the wond in my transporter ha!!

10-01-10, 19:03
that is a cool video looks like a lot of fun 2 fair play to them :D