View Full Version : Our old s13 diffin

Gtr lad
08-12-09, 21:42

Heres a short vid of dad doing a few donuts in our old s13.

Short spec is 2.1 engine all hks intenals.Greddy pelminum chamber wit 850cc injectors.Custom made manifold.TD06 top mount turbo.External wastegate.Hks fcon pro gold ecu.Everything ajustable underneath.I mean everything.Runnin 430bhp at .9 bar boost.Car also had a full wide arch kit.

Really was a mad car.

08-12-09, 21:50
uh oh... you mentioned diffing and posted a vid of it.....

prepare for the merciless onslaught of slagging from the "holier than thou" crew ;)

08-12-09, 21:53
as above man, diffing is a word that sets people blood boiling over here on drift ireland!!!

best to keep it on top to Drifting!!

all the same the car looks like it had a good spec man!!! did ya ever drift in it?

serious tom
12-12-09, 18:09
thank feck it was a bad-ass S-body with a bad-ass spec, you saved yourself a lot of grief :p

16-12-09, 14:21
"holier than thou" crew says aaargh! nice car though, ps13's give me hardys