View Full Version : Richie Kavanagh - Did Ya Ever Get a Ride - Chuckg & Antoh RMX

04-12-09, 00:37
The Buddy found a few vid tapes of us at Rally of the Lakes 2007. What the tapes contain are pure madness.........One of the funniest parts was this.......Wtf like??? Ha!! All filmed onboard my favourite Sierra, miss her :(


04-12-09, 00:42
haha good stuff lad, give x factor a go:p:D

Aidan Hogan
04-12-09, 01:22
haha , chucky it actually looks like your singing it at the start haha

04-12-09, 09:28
Do ye do weddings??

Haha sweet sweet music...... :D

paddy 180
04-12-09, 11:34
ha ha:D right good!