View Full Version : Where to buy new bulbs for Greddy Gauges?

15-08-12, 08:44
I need some new bulbs for my Greddy Gauges and have been unsuccessful pretty much everywhere. I have tried motor factors, electrical shops, Ebay, Maplins even the Greddy online shop says they only have two in stock:confused: I need 8.

They look like this:


and there is a code on them: TSD V-2

Any help would be much appreciated, I can't believe how hard I am finding it to find some bulbs!

15-08-12, 09:20
The base is a twist lock V-2. The bulb is a tsd #74 i'd say.Nissan will have them i think they are the same as the small bulbs that the 180s have at the bottom of the dash for waring lights

Mick K
15-08-12, 09:38
Lucas Lighting do these bulbs, If close to Fermoy go into avondou MF and ask for Lee,He'll get them for you

15-08-12, 09:52
Is it a ''capped'' bulb?

Im nearly sure my local Topaz stocks these then... A mate had to get a sidelight bulb for his Mitsubishi Galant & when we took it out i thought it would be the normal capless bulb but it was a minature capped bulb

01-09-12, 08:33
Right ordered some bulbs that seemed to be a similar dimension from a automotive bulb website, they were wrong.

This is driving me nuts now, anymore suggestions?

01-09-12, 09:37
I have a few gauges there that i dont nave wire ing and stuff for ill bring them to japfast if you eant to try the bulbs

17-03-13, 12:20
I bought new bulb s from radionics or maplin
That's all u need just take the bulb out of the casing and put the new led in