View Full Version : drifting 09 in the hachi

14-11-09, 14:12

Famous jh
14-11-09, 15:23
Epic!! Man you can pedal!!! :eek:

14-11-09, 15:34
cool vid donal ......

love this hachi :D

14-11-09, 15:40
nice driving man, whats the spec on the hatchi?

Mick K
14-11-09, 17:22
Banzai corrolla guy FTMFW:cool:

14-11-09, 17:58
savage driftin man ur well able ta go

14-11-09, 18:41
Good to see some competitive skiddin action from a cam :)

What's the spec on the engine?????

Flat Eric
14-11-09, 18:42
Good work dude, you need to give me a look at that charmont you got your hands on though !

14-11-09, 18:43
near standard 20valve afaik

14-11-09, 18:47
near standard 20valve afaik

Hardly :eek:

If it is, he's a better driver than i already thought ;)

14-11-09, 18:55
I heard the same.. near stock 20v..

If ye think about it thogh that probably weighes the same as my old drift car.. Around 850kg.

Mick K
14-11-09, 19:04
Donie will prob confirm or correct this but shes stripped to fook,Uber light weight.More or less standard 20v with a 20 shot or Nos.And one seriously cool driver.

14-11-09, 19:19
Hardly :eek:

If it is, he's a better driver than i already thought ;)

yup, but as was said its rediculously light theres nothing inside, one seat , fiberglass everywhere ect

cork kouki
14-11-09, 19:56
absolutly epic:cool:
saw him up in mondello the day he was twinning with alan sinnot, savage stuff, to see in come down into the first corner as hard as it would go
Total death or glory stuff:D amazing to watch
keep it up man:)

14-11-09, 21:43
Great driver and a fierce sound chap!
Roll on next year buddy :)

15-11-09, 14:32
Cheers for the comments Thanks.

Mick has the spec right

Its an 1986 2dr GTV originaly

totaly striped it down and built it back up with only the bare essentials so its fairly light weight

rose jointed suspension
power steering arms
Ueo style inner tie rods
Ueo Style outers
trd ss shocks

TRD lsd
std gearbox
standard Blacktop 20valve with gotech ecu 167bhp 150Nm
custom waterline kits etc to make fit
due to the mental speed of the pro class cars i put a 50 jet of NOS(East coast Customs) into the car after the mondello event.

FRP ,doors(Danco) wings bonnet and lexan windows allround
rollcage + usual safty gear
Custom fuel system


@Eric I managed to brake the clutch cable in the charmer but i drop over in it when its sorted.

15-11-09, 16:01
Sweet video lad!!!!!!!!!

15-11-09, 21:35
Savage vid donal fair play whats the plans for the car next season

15-11-09, 21:52
banzi corrola guy is a legend often shared a track with him up in mondello very intimidating when you have this white object flashing in and out of ur vision througt the rear view mirror as he fires that corrola around the track:cool:

17-12-09, 23:20
class vid nd driving

Amy G
18-12-09, 12:44
Good man Donal :cool:.... Now if only I could find that kind of agression with the FC :(

18-12-09, 12:51
Good man Donal :cool:.... Now if only I could find that kind of agression with the FC :(

you just have to learn yourself that its not your road car,and go mad

Gar-4-age 86
19-12-09, 17:53
HERO!!! Amazing driving dude its a real inspiration to watch u killin it in a 1.6 relyin on your skills :)

01-01-10, 16:36
savage vid and some car!

01-01-10, 17:30
wow a lovely little vid there

03-01-10, 15:48
Some proper balls out driving there man fair play to ya!