View Full Version : status seats ever herd of them?

21-02-12, 23:48
well lads came across these a while ago look pretty well made by the pics an all.,
any one herd of them?
might be something different and a little cheaper than buying a new set of brides and they all seem to be fia approved,
just got a price for $1065 for this one with rails to suit (fits my fat 36" waist)


pretty much 805 for one seat.
i asked on that live chat thing they would do a group discount too..
what ye think?

21-02-12, 23:58
Havent seen anyone over here with them, See them alot in american car's alrite. They look very well IMO.

22-02-12, 00:00
ya i never saw them before.. look class,

22-02-12, 10:35
you would want to check how much customs is going to rape you by before you buy one.
and 800 quid isnt that much cheaper than a bride, actually it isnt any cheaper at all.

22-02-12, 18:56
sure ye'd buy a set of ZETA's for 800quid http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/carextras/3027154

180sx drifter
24-02-12, 20:48
I think they look really well, and comfy. :rolleyes: