View Full Version : Red re-amemiya seats in a blue mx5

14-02-12, 09:09
I picked up these seats a week or two ago for my blue 1990 mx5, the outside leather is perfect but the inside is faded and has one cigerete burn, I will get the insides retrimmed before I fit them but wasn't sure what color, if I go red like the original I think it would be too much red for a blue car, I love the look of the red mazdaspeed seats like the ones below and I think I will go with this design, should I do it with or without the mazdaspeed writen down along it or should I do something different like re amemiya written down along it?

14-02-12, 13:43
Exactly like the Mazdaspeed one but with re-amemiya!

03-06-12, 01:03
I think I'm going to be caught for head room with the rollbars when I fit these seats? Im nearly hitting my head off them as it is with the standard seats, il wrap them well but still dont want to be hitting them with my head, kind of defeats the purpose of them protecting me in a roll over if i knock myself out before they hit the ground :confused: (which i hope i wont do though) Anyone know of anyone that could make me up some custom low seat brackets for me and would it pass the nct if the seats are bolted really low with little/no adjustment, being a 2 seater I cant see why you need all the adjustment anyway?