View Full Version : madness in the pits

Aidan Hogan
03-11-09, 20:39

Fredericks Balls
03-11-09, 20:43
LMAO that's brilliant!

Aidan Hogan
03-11-09, 20:46
talk about whiplash haha
they call themselves pro's then ya see that,i think its gas

cork kouki
03-11-09, 20:56
Flmao that is hatchet, makes them look like a rite bunch of cowboys:D:D:D

03-11-09, 21:09
bahaha clowns

03-11-09, 21:54
Haha,race drivers should have good reaction speeds.,clearly not here:D

03-11-09, 22:18
Were any of those the Irish rally driver from that video the other day? If not then they definitely saw the video and took some tips from it. haha