View Full Version : Kawabata crash

cork kouki
29-10-09, 19:48
:eek::eek::eek: Fooking hell
just seen this on youtube, a vid from last year, scary shit
thank god he was ok after. i wonder what speed they were goin at?

29-10-09, 19:59
bad crash alrite.. some moneys wort down the drain there......

jonny b
29-10-09, 20:02
what spped were they at i wonder 80??

29-10-09, 20:04
just goes to show the importance of a propper roll cage

29-10-09, 20:09
only for the roll cage they'd probly be dead....

cork kouki
29-10-09, 20:14
sierous stuff allrite. had to be doin around the 80ish mark id say.
respect for kawabata sticking to the other lads door in the first run, savage pilot

29-10-09, 20:36
seen this before... its unreal.... 1st run is class though

Fredericks Balls
29-10-09, 20:45
Was the entry speed not 160kmh? or something like that, maybe it was on a different clip...

S14a johno
29-10-09, 20:53
nice driving in the first run, looks like he hit the grid on the track
and then lost the traction........ even seen it in car, looks like he wasnt expecting it bad do, some money

serious tom
29-10-09, 21:23
in-car footage is a bit like ---:eek:
on saitos onboard look at kawabata just getting pulled back by the wall :eek:

29-10-09, 21:50
look at the guy behind tires at 1.52. nearly looses his head from saito's spoiler

30-10-09, 19:10
dem spoilers would be like razor blades cumin at ya! some drivin all the same!

Tekno Twinky
30-10-09, 20:30
Jeez this old.Biggest drift smash to date

31-10-09, 22:18