View Full Version : Dean Karnage Kearney's prep for Irwindale

Mick K
22-10-09, 16:07
Great Vid,Well put together by Ross,


Jay Rockett
22-10-09, 17:40
Fifty grand, haha! cool vid, looks like he's having some craic!

cork kouki
22-10-09, 17:52
cool vid allright. 50grand:eek: what a laugh though experience of a life time

skinny d
24-10-09, 19:04
Awh that was cool ! Living the non-JDM dream :D

50k .... cost of the entire build and running of the car I take it ... ? sweet .

Mick K
24-10-09, 19:42
50k bill was a joke lads

26-10-09, 16:19
savage video..yea 50k off a bill...he was bumming off us in the pub last night cause he was broke with the money he had 2 fork out ha:p