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21-10-09, 09:49
i wana go to that track:)


21-10-09, 10:07
willow springs man


. WILLOW SPRINGS RACEWAY (2.5-mile road course)
1. Reservations required. 50% confirmation deposit required. All deposits transferable, but not refundable.
2. 7 days advance cancellation mandatory for all weekday events and 60 days notice for any weekend events. A failure to comply may result in forfeiture of deposit.
3. For testing and tuning purposes. Current W.S.I.R. membership for driver is acceptable.
4. For all other uses such as commercial filming, ride and drives or production car development, a $5 million combined single limit certificate of insurance is required, listing required parties as "Willow Springs Raceway as additional insured" and date of event, unless insurance is a blanket policy.
5. Exclusive Rental Fees: Weekdays (January through December) are $2,750.00 per day or $1,500.00 per half day. Weekends are $4,000.00 per day.

21-10-09, 10:10
Im sure thats the bumper im looking for at 25 seconds!!