View Full Version : anyone got info on these seats please

05-11-11, 17:30
i was lookn at these seats last nite they seem cheap look like a good quaility seat but i cant find any information anywhere on these i found a few spots selling them but no one had much info up on them also found a few spos selling them as bride gias II low max repilicas

05-11-11, 18:12
Dont know anything about them man but they look good, and very cheap!!!!!

05-11-11, 18:51
I know the usual saying is, "you get what you pay for" but i have seen that proved wrong plenty of times. Would be cool if it was here too, I know plenty of people who would be snapping these up if that was the case.

Suprised someone hasnt heard either good/bad things about them at that price

05-11-11, 19:28
im surprised my self theres no info around on these i found a good few traders selling them but without any info tough i was talkn to the lads in mcg autostyling and they couldnt tell me a lot about them but there emailing there supplier to see if they can get a spec for me i was on to red power in duleek aswell askn about them because it seems to be the same seat there selling as bride replicas so hopefully ill be able to get some sort of a spec or info on them either on here or off some of the traders i was talkn to

05-11-11, 21:19
They are the same seat as the fake brides just different material..

Think www12tune.nl are main distributor

05-11-11, 21:54
cheap seats they look pretty cool too

06-11-11, 00:02
They are the same seat as the fake brides just different material..

Think www12tune.nl are main distributor

They have no information on the seats either just a description of them but I emailed them to see if they had quaility records or specs and safety specs for these seats

06-11-11, 00:11
cheap seats they look pretty cool too

There a cheap seat if quaility is good and they have been saftey tested which I'm tryn to find out do they meet any saftey standards if i can get info off somone and there good ill take a chance on them but it doesn't look good that none of the dealers have no more info on them other than the discription of the seat

06-11-11, 18:31
thye look cool enough never hear dof them before though

06-11-11, 21:54
they are not good quality waste of money i have a reclining bride seat and driver side rail for a 180 if your interested in that pm..

06-11-11, 23:33
cheap seats. they look well!
alot will say about quality, but sure if 3or4 lads went in on one seat an sorta home tested it, wouldnt it answer alot of questions? basicly pull the shit outa it hang off the back of it ect. just an idea any way, then if it held up well cheap seats for every one!!

07-11-11, 22:20
these seats seem to be the uasual made in china junk which is a shame no saftey or quaility or crash testing approval or anything