View Full Version : Lookin For Pink Flouresent Paint Code.......

17-08-11, 15:09
lookin for dis code any help b great thanks.......

17-08-11, 15:22
Halfrauds do fluorescent pink cans


17-08-11, 18:23
Maybe This

Chrysler FM3 (Panther Pink):wink:

Brian Driftkits.eu
20-08-11, 15:39
I used to sell a lot of specialised paints years ago.
The flourescent colours are a pain in the ass coz they fade. The paint manufacturers only recommend them for promotional cars or cars that get re-painted a lot ( so ideal for drift cars lol ! ).
Try someone who does special effects paints , Vinny Byrnes or PR Reilly`s in Dublin , or the internet.
But remember it fades like fu@k! Especially dont do a roof / bonnet !
Aerosols from Halfords / B+Q or similar could do wheels etc.
Spray in over a white base and finish with clear lacquer :wink:

20-08-11, 18:32
i use halfords Pink on my rims Alan! comes out savage bright! wudnt mind noing a full colour though be handier maybe

20-08-11, 19:15
get on to Simon Murray http://www.smdesigns.co.uk/home there you go! based in Ballymena Northern Ireland. great spot for water based paints and the special effect stuff is serious.

Brian Driftkits.eu
22-08-11, 09:10
Yeah actually Simon should be able to sort you out! I never thought of him for flourescent......
Simon and Angela are sound .......