View Full Version : Formula D round 5

13-08-09, 03:06
normally in not a fan of american drift vids due to them been about 5 min long and about 30 seconds of action full of big studio editing.
this one gets some credit tho. nicely shot and not over edited at all

Famous jh
13-08-09, 08:58
I likey :)

serious tom
13-08-09, 11:36
great vid,
and the track (transistions and clipping points) look really cool!
good smoke too

but yea your right ste, too much eiditing / slow mo / shite these days!

13-08-09, 13:09
why is there not cool cars ( to look at!) in the profesional side of irish drifting? thats an ace video,i likeys it!

Amy G
14-08-09, 14:13
Since people keep going on about slow mo in the Formula D event videos.... Here's one with practically NO slow mo, just lots of smoke and noise :cool:


serious tom
14-08-09, 15:13
good find!
ha every video im now looking for eric :p