View Full Version : toyota chaser radio block

28-09-10, 11:01
the chaser came in with the standard toyota double din unit with the gps and tv and shit on it, but i want something with a usb in slot, so picked up a single unit, and the plan is to throw my gauges in the parcel shelf under it.

anyway, the chaser radio block is totally different from all other toyota blocks, has anyone ever changed the radio in their chaser? have tried fleabay, and all usual places for a block, none will fit it.

does it need to be re wired for the radio or something?

28-09-10, 18:23
Apparently it's a pain in the arse to wire a different stereo in because of the way the amp under the seat is wired. Like, the stereo gets it's power from the amp, and even if you do get it working there's a constant buzzing sound or something. So.... just run new wires for the speakers, power, etc.

28-09-10, 19:20
I just ran all new wires for my head unit, ive a double din flip out and wouldnt fit the hole on the actual center consol so i had to file back that plastic wood stuff to make it fit!!! dunno how that amp works would like to have the back speakers workin on shelf!!

28-09-10, 20:30
hardwire it, really not that difficult. Ive done a tutorial on dtd if you want take a look at it to give you more of an idea. Shouldnt cost you more then 50 to get it done, or if you dont mind a drive to drogheda ill do it for you

28-09-10, 22:56
cheers for the answers lads, gonna put the dash and shit back together and elave the standard one in for now and jus use one of them poxy fm ipod transmitters for the time being.

slammed ill check your thread on dtd now in a min, i havent a clue of this shit!