View Full Version : s15 dash into s14a

09-09-10, 14:24
had a thought about putting a s15 dash into my s14a anyone know has this been done before or if anyone has picz please post

09-09-10, 14:35
yowdy off justjap has a s15 dash in his s13 handy enough fitted ;)
drop him a pm with questions

09-09-10, 14:37
wont fit man the s13 and 15 dash are a different width to the s14,

09-09-10, 16:56
it has been done a good few times in England,try sxoc.com how to threads and all that can be found there

09-09-10, 17:58
sur its all about customising

09-09-10, 17:59
ive seen two s14's with 15 dash fitted one looking very tidy

09-09-10, 18:02
ya lik it cant be that hard it could just be fun lik anyone got a s15 dash lying around

09-09-10, 18:29
it'll be tricky enough fit man door cards does cause problem and matching up center consoles also.you wont just pick up s15 dash they go for mega bucks if you wanted clocks heather controls and rest of bits id be saying 350>400 euro

09-09-10, 18:30
ya lik it cant be that hard it could just be fun lik anyone got a s15 dash lying around

as said above s15 dash's go for big money...ul even be lucky to find one

09-09-10, 21:56
money well speant in my book though it would be a nice finish to the inside

Robbie Daly Ps13
09-09-10, 22:42
Seen 1 on driftworks for 100 pound today also see s15 clocks...! Hang on il see if i can find the link...!

Robbie Daly Ps13
09-09-10, 22:43

09-09-10, 23:41
i had a s15 dsah in my 13 drift car, fitted like a glove and looked the job imo.

mms motorsport
10-09-10, 12:36
it will def fit with a few mods' putting one in a s14 after we put a cage in it..did you try keith mc hugh in galway