View Full Version : Link to some of DriftIreland2

06-08-09, 20:20
These are vids taken on Monday.

You might be in some of them.

If I had known there would be so little footage of DriftIreland2 Id have asked my mate to do more general recording of everyone.

I will watch out for that one the next time.
(I know you all cant be in them but enjoy best you can)

Here is the link : http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm167/carbondrive/

serious tom
07-08-09, 00:03
them videos are decent, good quality too
DI loves videos :D

07-08-09, 02:08
Any of me Jason!? :D

07-08-09, 06:44
yeah i just want to see my yolk in action on the track:(

07-08-09, 10:28
Sorry guys thats most of what I have.
It took all day yestetday to upload them due to being a big file size.

Any other vids i have are of me.

Like i said i will watch this one in the future, and get much more footage of everyone.


07-08-09, 12:11
one of my mates is a proper cameraman does stuff for setanta sport and all i must see if he'd be willing to film the next one for a few quid...

07-08-09, 19:43
HAHA!! Thats when my wheel flew off at the end of the first vid:D