View Full Version : tiff needel D1gb

05-08-09, 22:45
found this there now, dont think its a repost, good vid,
just goes to show not every one can do it, but im sure he
would have got the hang of it in the end.


05-08-09, 22:47
ah jullian smiths soarer:D
love this vid, one of the best fifth gear features along with the two lads drifting shitter vans the lads from DW built in a day.

05-08-09, 22:51
i never saw the shity van one, ill go look, if you find a link post it up.

05-08-09, 23:12
found it
down the end of the page the last two clips

05-08-09, 23:13
is it just me or is he pulling the wand and not cluthcing that breaks the half shaft?!

06-08-09, 00:02
thats what i thaught.. plus he broke the hadbrake first time doing that.

serious tom
06-08-09, 00:19
and i suppose the brakes would have been decent, doubt they would have been standard :) or at least the pads so that couldnt have helped if thats what happened.

great find though!

Tekno Twinky
06-08-09, 01:09
Hahahaha omg pmsl

Phil and james doin up the vans!

The Rascal ! i want the rascal !


Almost flippiong the van an then into the crash barrier was now hilarious!

As for tiff..yea hed be used to grip racing i supose but stil thats realy bad driving!

Hanbrake VS. Clutch :confused: